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Manual 8. The result lists

Upon selecting one or more facets (Browse) or after your search using Search or Full text search you will see an overview of the objects, texts and/or institutions that meet your search criteria. This overview of results contains basic information and – if available – pictures of the objects, text carriers and institutions. Each (full) page shows ten results in ascending ID-number order. The basic information consists of:

Memorial objects/Text carriers
  • title
  • type: memorial object/text carrier
  • MeMO memorial object/text carrier ID (identification number)
  • current location (settlement, province, name of institution)
  • short description
(Original) Institutions
  • name: Dutch name (incl. variants) and English name
  • type of institution
  • MeMO institution ID (identification number)
  • location of the institution according to current geography (settlement, province)


Buttons of the result overview

Feature Description
New search Click New Search to start a fresh search in the database of the same type (Memorial object, Text carrier or Institution) that has already been searched. Clicking ‘Search’ in the menu bar will return the settings to the default institution (Memorial objects).
Name or image Click the name or the image to open a record.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc. These buttons can be used to navigate the result overview for a next or previous page of results. Each full page shows 10 results.