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8. Contact, citation and disclaimers


If you are experiencing problems with the website/database, please send an email to

Citing the MeMO database

The MeMO website and database can be used freely for purposes of research, education, publications and lectures provided that references are made to the URL and the compilers of this website and database.


  • Referring to the entire database: Medieval Memoria Online. Commemoration of the dead in the Netherlands until 1580, eds. Truus van Bueren, Rolf de Weijert, a.o. (Utrecht University 2019). URL: and the date of use (day or period)
  • Citing the introductory texts: MeMO, Introduction, paragraph title and subparagraph number (date of consultation)
    Example: MeMO, Introduction, Purpose and intended users, 2.4 (25-3-2013)
  • Citing individual records:
    • Objects: MeMO memorial object ID [number] (date of consultation)
      Example: MeMO memorial object ID 504 (04-02-2013)
    • Text carriers: MeMO text carrier ID [number] (date of consultation)
      Example: MeMO text carrier ID 56 (17-03-2013)
    • Separate memorial text: MeMO memorial text ID [number] (date of consultation)
      Example: MeMO memorial text ID 339 (16-06-2013)
    • Institutions: MeMO institution ID [number] (date of consultation)
      Example: MeMO institution ID 4 (09-12-2013)
  • Referring to other MeMO products (which are not part of the database): the title of the product, the name(s) of the composer(s), the URL, and the date of use (day or period)


  • Concerning the contents of the database: MeMO has been compiled with great care, but researchers and other users are responsible for the use of its contents for their own products, such as lectures and publications that have been based (in part) on the contents of this database.
  • Concerning the images: copyright owners are named (if known) below the enlarged version of the images. For the copyright of images that are used in both the introduction and the database see the captions in the records of the database. The photographs are included in a resolution of 72 dpi as much as possible. They are intended to be used on the MeMO site and for MeMO publications; they are not intended for publication elsewhere, whether printed or online. For the use of images in publications you need to contact the copyright owner. The freely available photographs that have been taken from other websites such as Wikipedia are exempted from this regulation.