Medieval Memoria Online

4.3 Sources used in the compilation of this database

For the inventories and descriptions the MeMO project has made use of the sources mentioned below (in random order):

Memorial registers

  • Inventory by Signum (1991-1993)
  • Werkgroep Memorieboeken (2004-2006)
  • Research by the MeMO staff of the actual manuscripts
  • Research by the MeMO staff of digitised manuscripts with additions from the participating archives
  • Publications

Narrative sources

The point of departure for the description of the memorial registers and narrative sources is the entire text carrier, because the whole body of texts in the text carrier can also provide clues on the usage and functioning of the text carrier and its constituent parts. For this reason the entire manuscript has been described, and a table of contents has been created in which all of the manuscript’s texts have been included. Apart from this overall description, there is also a more extensive and detailed description of the texts that had a memorial function.